Windshield Calibration Services

DJ's Auto Glass LLC offers windshield calibration. Most road accidents occur due to human error. Advanced driver assistance systems were developed to help drivers drive safer, prevent accidents and reduce vehicle deaths. These systems are in most newer vehicles.

Most all new cars sold today come equipped with some level of ADAS systems, including cameras, sensors and other equipment mounted on the windshield that can affect how your car functions. As automobiles become more complex so do windshields. And so does the process for replacing windshields.

DJ's Auto Glass LLC can not only assist with replacing your windshield, but with recalibrating your assistance systems and cameras as well. We are an authorized calibration center.

Your Assistance System in your vehicle is factory programmed to perform safely and provide safe driver alerts under any road conditions windshield calibration and traffic patterns. But accidents, aftermarket modifications, and even installing larger tires still occur every day. Any modification to a vehicle has an impact on how an ADAS will perform. A change in a camera angle of just one degree can have a significant impact on the camera's viewing area, which can affect how the vehicles ADAS features will work.

For your safety and the safety of others, it is strongly advisable your vehicle has a precise auto glass windshield calibration whenever your vehicle has a

  • Windshield replacement or repair
  • Accidents

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